How to Add Your Cannabis Oil To Soak Life Products

These are instruction for adding your homemade cannabis oil and/or cannabis oil purchased it from a Licensed Producer, to your Soak Life Products!

First: Know how much THC/CBD is in your oil.

Second: Determine your dose! Know how many mg/ml or mg/drop you have and how much you want to add to your bath products :)  Anywhere from 10-100mg is the popular range.

Bath Bomb: Single Use. Add drops to the top of the bomb and place it in your bath.

Bath Oil: Add desired amount (up to 10ml) of oil to the Soak Life bottle and shake well for about 30 seconds.

Bubble Bath: Add desired amount (up to 10ml) to the Soak Life bottle of bubble bath and gently shake bottle for two minutes.

Gem Infused Soak Pouch: Single use. Make a small tear in the top of the pouch, put drops on the product inside the pouch and toss entire pouch in the tub, watch it dissolve.

****Your bath is going to be amazing! Do some experimenting and have a LOT of fun.  Just don't drink the bath water!******

If you want to know more about dosing check out: